Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent

"Agent Nelson Tethers (voiced by Doug Boyd) is the sole member of an obscure branch of the FBI, the Puzzle Research Division. Dozing off while working on a crossword puzzle, Tethers dreams of a man in a spacesuit approaching him and scribbling something on the crossword. As the man in the spacesuit lifts his visor to reveal his face, Tethers wakes up and in his fright tears up the crossword. Upon reassembling the torn pieces, Tethers discovers that the word "SCOGGINS" had been written there. At that moment, he is called and given his first field assignment: the factory that produces the erasers used by the White House has mysteriously stopped production, and attempts to contact the factory have been met only with strange puzzles. Tethers is dispatched to the small town of Scoggins, Minnesota where the factory is located to get it running again before the "eraser shortage" becomes dire." - Puzzle Agent Wiki

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