Starting Out - Minecraft

The sun is high in the sky, you're warm and dry. In about 10 minutes, however, you will most likely be screaming for your life as you hurdle past spiders, zombies, and creepers. "But wait," you think, "I read the ÆTOSAUR Guide to Surviving Minecraft!"

The first thing you should see when you load up a game is something like this:

Spawnpoint in the forest- perfect for starting out(Disregard the skin)


The fastest way to get started is to obtain 5 logs. Simply smash your hand into the side of any nearby tree to get them.

Craft the logs by placing them in your crafting pane. Note that the image below shows 9 crafting slots instead of the four you will see.

You can get more crafting slots by making a workbench.

Then with the wood you have obtained, make 8 sticks out of 4 wood planks.

Begin to craft your tools.

Then, begin to harvest wood from nearby trees using your newly crafted axe. Do this until your axe wears out, or you have at least 30-40 logs. You'll need them for surviving the night if you run out of time, but we'll cover that later.

Hunger was added in Beta 1.8, so you'll need to kill animals in case you start to starve to death.

BONUS: Search for any mushrooms. These can be found under most trees. You can craft them into mushroom soup. See the food section in this guide.


If you see any stone, mine about 16 blocks with your pickaxe. You can later craft stone tools that work faster and have more uses. Note that all tools have the same recipe but with different materials. Example:

Craft a stone pickaxe as soon as possible. Keep your eye out for any surface-level iron ore.

 Iron ore looks like this.


Before you get comfortable, you'll want to find some coal.

Mining this ore will give you coal. -------> 


Night should be approaching fast. If you have the balls to play on normal difficulty, creepers, zombies, skeletons, and more will be after you. Watch out, because if you've strayed far from spawn, death will most likely deprive you of the items you worked so hard to get.

Build a small shelter. The easiest way is to find a small hill (or a cliff) and dig a 1x2 hole in the face of the rock. Then, expand your hermitage so that it is roughly 4 long, 3 wide, and 3 high.


You want enough headroom in case you have wool from killing sheep. Plunk down your crafting table in the corner next to the hole. If you so desire, you can give it a more homely feeling by crafting a door.

Note: Place your door from the outside. The door will automatically be placed with the outside face facing you.

Craft some torches if you have coal. Save at least 8-12 coal for smelting.



Craft a furnace.


The furnace uses this gui:

If you didn't find any coal, make some Charcoal by burning logs in the furnace.

Charcoal is exactly the same as coal. They share everything, even the same crafting recipes.


The last thing you'll want to craft is a bed. It's now nighttime, and you're safe and cozy in your hermitage. If you have 3 wool blocks, you're in luck. Otherwise, go grab a cold drink, cause you're gonna be waiting the night out. 


Congratulations! You've completed this section of the guide!

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