Crafting Guide - Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where you build, mine, and craft. The first two objects have strategies but without crafting they cannot be achieved easily. There are dozens of recipes in the game serving to decorate or feed. I have broken the recipes up like so:

Armor-used for protection

Basics-necessary for survival

Condensers-make a lot into a little

Decorative-just for the look of it

Dyes-used to dye wool

Food-fill your hunger bar

Locomotive-moving fast over rails and water

Redstone Powered-uses redstone to either power something or transfer the current

Slabs and Steps-make ascension easier

Smelting-used in a furnace

Tools-Picks, Shovels, axes, hoes, sheers, compass, clock, maps, etc.

Wool-decoration or pixel art

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