Console penguin play - Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Console penguin play Minecraft 360 edition
Episode 1-5 were not of good audio quality so haven’t been uploaded here (Still getting used to live commentary recording), so if you want to see them head over to our YouTube channel, otherwise if you like what you see like, favourite, subscribe, leave suggestions in comments and check back often as we aim to have videos out very often.

Episode 6 – Enter the manning

Episode 7 – Home improvements begin

Episode 8 - split screen coop chaos


Episode 9 - Manning kills, Skye builds


Episode 10 - Attempt at spelunking


Episode 11 - We need seperate bedrooms


Episode 12 - Audio corrupted


Episode 13 - Manning's off at tennis


Episode 14 - To the edge of the world


Episode 15 - Pure actual terror in splitscreen


Episode 16 - DIAMONDS six of em


Episode 17 - In search of glitchy magma


Episode 18 - A journey to the north



Episode 19 - 2 Adventures at once


Episode 20 - back to the mine

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