Story Walkthrough - Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Let's take a casual stroll through Mordor as I walk you through the story missions in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

If you're having some trouble with the Captains and Warchiefs, take a look at the video below for some tips and advice on taking out these menacing monsters.

Act 1

1) The Slaver

2) An Interested Party

3) Spirit of Mordor

4) Shattered Memories

5) The One Truth

6) The Outcasts

7) Climbing the Ranks

8) The Warchief

9) The Dark Monument

10) The Black Captain

Act 2

11) The Messenger

12) Queen of the Shore

13) The Power of the Wraith

14) The Cure

15) The Rescue

16) Big Game

17) Hunting Partners

18) The Great White Graug

19) Lord of Mordor

20) Mordor in Flames

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