Ranger Hardcore - Metro: Last Light

Guess what? Didn't get the achievement. That confirms that you must listen to NPC's stories, and that not killing anyone unless forced ain't enough. Balls. I'll simply remove the "shadow" part of the videos. I will sometime during my lifetime complete it with good ending, but I do not feel like re-playing it again anytime soon.


Some technical details: It's played on PC with all gfx on lowest. 1080p resolution. Could've played on medium or some shit, but this game likes to go from 0 to 100 in short time, so this way I can keep a stable 60fps (except in Bandits when you go to save the guys, always gets 20fps for 2-3 sec there).

Everything below here is just me discussing tactics and shit with myself basically.

The achievement is for not KILLING anyone. However, as a Splinter Cell fan, I won't knock out any more people than I have to either.

There's some chapters where you "have" to kill people. You CAN do it without killing them, however, that requires medpacks. Something I've made a rule not to use. On the other end, you can kill people in "The Chase", "Red Square", and "D6", without loosing the Shadow Ranger achievement. I'm guessing that means you get good ending as well.

My rules are, no killing humans unless I have to (which I will have to on The Chase. Red Square might be skippable, but hard as fuck without medpacks (it has been done by "prenatual" at YouTube, but that with medpacks. D6 should be rather easy using Br1zzo's method.

I will not kill any more hairy ones than needed either. That's a walk in the part the first 8-10 chapters. After that it's worse.

If I'd thought about it earlier, I would use only pistol and shotgun, but I picked up a assault rifle, and don't feel like starting over.

Only dirty part is the end of Bandits so far. That got messy, as I fucking HATE the part and wanted it to be over.

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