Premature Evaluation - Metro: Last Light

Metro Last Light is an absolutely amazing single player experience that I cannot recommend highly enough.

After recording this video, I found this article about the developer of Metro Last Light, 4A Games, that I thought was very interesting.

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You should try the prequel if you get the chance.

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I agree. I really loved that game.

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I do feel somewhat bad for buying a game with a difficulty level as a pre-order bonus, but it looks like it's worth it. Hopefully the FOV-fix is coming soon.

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Looks very engrossing. Good evaluation, it's nice to hear you really enjoying a big title game. 

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Sold!  Looks like it's right up my ally.  Great evaluation!

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I have an arachnophobia so I literarily shat myself at 2:55 haha, great job John keep it up!

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Great Game played it through in one sitting!

and they improved on the first game in many ways aka they fixed the way stealth worked, even though it feels kinda like Splinter Cell Stealth where the enemies don't know what just happened to the man right next to them.

Sooo if you like Games that just Draw you with the design, environment and atmosphere then i can HIGHLY Recommend this game. Only problem i had with the game was how Ruthless the Mutants were where if they got close, unlike the first game they don't pause between attacks. . . .they just keep attacking meaning you can go from 100% to Dead in a matter of seconds and that was on Normal.

The Best Moment for me Though was the introduction of the Swamp and "Shrimps" was kinda on the edge of my seat whenever i had to walk into some mucky water.

Also Kinda Curious but if Unskippable Cutscenes is a Instant 0 in your Book, then what does a First Person View Lapdance score!? Wondering how much work went into that Single Woman compared to the other characters in the entire game.

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Also Kinda Curious but if Unskippable Cutscenes is a Instant 0 in your Book

Unskippable cutscenes only get a 0 if I want to skip the cutscenes. I don't think I tried to skip a single cutscene until my second playthrough.

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Played through Metro 2033 and half way through Last Light. 

Gotta say, the video game industry seriously needs more Book-Inspired games. So far I prefer Metro 2033's atmosphere and universe over Last Light. Strip clubs and political intrigue doesn't really make sense considering how hopeless the position humanity was in. Last Light felt more like a pretty good comic whereas Metro was a nice dystopian novel. Different tastes I suppose.

Also why weren't you playing in Russian? Makes the world so much more engrossing and believable. 

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