Barkenator's Normal Difficulty Guide - Metal Gear Solid




About this Guide

Liquid Snake Concept Art

This guide was recorded on the Playstation version of the game on the Normal difficulty setting. This guide is intended to be an aid for first time players of the game who wish to know good strategy and assistance in completing the game. Another reason this guide is on normal is that on Hard, the radar system is unavailable, making it difficult for first time players to learn about enemy patrols.

The game was recorded from a new game state and does not use any special items that are available after having beaten the game. The guide does point out how to get both alternate endings in the game and shows both endings.

A word of note, there is a large amount of dialog in this game, both cinematic and end game. While there are many fun and interesting things you can due during these conversations, the recording was limited to the conversations that always happen. No additional or unnecessary conversations where recorded and those that are were organized to individual videos as much as possible. 







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