Metal Gear Solid


A tactical stealth espionage game created by one of the most influential video game developers of all time, Hideo Kojima. Metal Gear is a third person stealth action game that centers around nuclear weapons, giant mechanoid robots, human drama, and so much more. The game was actually the third installment in a series which began on the NES and has since generated several more successful incarnations on multiple platforms and is considered to be one of the best games of all time.

Relying on a large amount of cut scenes and in-game animated sequences, the game uses a voice acting cast to create a serious, adult themed atmosphere. Mixed with amounts of stealth and action, the game relies more on avoidance than direct confrontation. In addition, the game featured a virtual reality based training mode that has resulted in accompaniment releases that involve just virtual reality mini-games and extras.

PlotSolid Snake

MGS takes place in several years after the events of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The events of MG2 
 have made Snake a legend in the covert-ops realm, but he himself left his group FOXHOUND to retire in Alaska. He is forced out of retirement when a group of genetically enhanced special forces soldiers lead an uprising in Alaska's Fox Archipelago. They commandeer a nuclear warheads disposal facility code named Shadow Moses. The coup took place during a visit by the CEO of ArmsTech Kenneth Baker and DARPA Chief Donald Anderson when they where making an inspection of the facility. Holding the two hostages and threatening to use a nuclear warhead, the group demands a large ransom and the remains of Big Boss, the former leader of FOXHOUND.

Snake is brought in by his former commander Roy Campbell. Campbell has a niece on the island who was a member of the special forces group but is also being held captive because she refused to take part in the coup. Given only a shot to ward against the cold, Snake is sent in by submarine to the island. Providing intelligence and additional support are several analysts which he can communicate with via a set of internal nano-machines that act as his radio, called a Codec. Once on the island, Snake soon learns that not everything and everyone is as it seems.

Original US Release Date: 
October 21, 1998

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