Easy Difficulty Cutscene Run - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Opening Scenes

The Bridge

Olga Gurlukovich

Vulcan Raven?

To the Briefing

Photography 101

Big Shell


In the System

Meeting Vamp

Pliskin Lt. Jr Grade

Peter Stillman

Diffusing Struts C,D, and E

Diffusing Strut F

Strut A

The Big Bomb

The Race to Fatman

Fatman's Final Bomb

Cyborg Ninja

Shell 1 Core


PSG1 And Shell 2 Crossing

Harrier Part 1

Harrier Part 2

Shell 2 Core

To The President

President Johnson Part 1

President Johnson Part 2

Water Sports


Emma Emmerich Part 1

Emma Emmerich Part 2

Emma Emmerich Part 3

Strut L

Oil Fence Part 1

Oil Fence Part 2

Vamp.... Again.

Death of EE

Manning Up

Arsenal Gear


Weird Messages

Finding Snake

Fission Mailed

Ray Battle Royale

Olga's Downfall

The Truth

The REAL Truth


Ending and Credits Part 1

Ending and Credits Part 2

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