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Stage Bosses (Mavericks)

  Name Attacks Weakness
Blast Hornet Blast Hornet Hornet Sting, Parasitic Bomb Gravity Well
Blizzard Buffalo Blizzard Buffalo Buffalo Charge, Ice Mortars, Ice Beam, Frost Shield Parasitic Bomb
Crush Crawfish Crush Crawfish Claw Grab, Claw Blast, Spinning Blade Triad Thunder
Gravity Beetle Gravity Beetle Beetle Ram, Gravity Well Ray Splasher
Neon Tiger Neon Tiger Tiger Slash, Ray Splasher Spinning Blade
Toxic Seahorse Toxic Seahorse Acid Burst, Toxic Teleport Frost Shield
Tunnel Rhino Tunnel Rhino Rhino Charge, Tornado Fang Acid Burst
Volt Catfish Volt Catfish Bolt Rain, Triad Thunder Tornado Fang

Sub Bosses

  Name Attacks Weakness Boss Stage Location
Maoh the Giant Maoh the Giant Mace Punches X-Buster to Head and arms Opening Stage Boss
Vile MK2 Vile MK-2

(In Mech) - Carrier Charge, Armor Punch

Napalm, Shoulder Shots, Throat Grab, Freeze Blast

(In Mech) - Spinning Blade

 Ray Splasher

Optional Boss Level During Stages

Only available after defeating 2 Mavericks:

Blizzard Buffalo, Volt Catfish, Crush Crawfish

Bit Bit Tracking Discs, Homing Bolt Frost Shield, Tornado Fang

Available after defeating 2 Mavericks:


Byte Byte Mine Slam, Power Uppercut Ray Splasher

Available after defeating 2 Mavericks:


Final Stage Bosses

  Name Attacks Weakness Stage and Appearance Criteria
Godkarmachine O Inary Godkarmachine O Inary Rocket Grab, Sword Slash Ray Splasher

Doppler Stage 1

Will fight if did not defeat Bit and Byte during

boss stages using their respective weakness weapons.

Press Disposer Press Disposer Convery Belt, Claw Grab, Snout Shots Ray Spasher, Tornado Fang in head

Doppler Stage 1

Appears if did defeat Bit and Byte with respective weakness weapons.

Vile in Goliath Armor Vile in Goliath Armor Ride

Goliath - Ramming Charges

Vile - Napalm, Shoulder Shots, Throat Grab, Freeze Shot

Goliath - Tonado Fang

Vile - Spinning Blade, Ray Splasher

Doppler Stage 2

Appears if did not defeat as optional level during boss stages or did not defeat using weakness weapon.

Volt Kurageil Volt Kurageil Electric Shots, Missiles, Tentacle Hook Shot Frost Shield, Triad Thunder

Doppler Stage 2

Appears if defeated Vile MK-2 in optional level during boss stages with his weakness weapon.

Dr. Doppler Dr. Doppler Shotgun blast, Deflector Shield, Absorption Shield Acid Burst Doppler Stage 3
Neo2 Sigma Neo Sigma Fireball, Boomerang Shield Spinning Blade Doppler Stage 4
Kaiser Sigma Kaiser Sigma Mine Toss, Homing Missiles, Death Ray X-Buster in head Doppler Stage 4

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