1. Maverick Stages - Mega Man X3

Game Opening


Maverick Stages

Blizzard Buffalo

Items Acquired: Sub Tank #1, Leg Upgrade


Tunnel Rhino

Items Acquired: Sub Tank #2


Cut Scene


Neon Tiger

Items Acquired: Sub Tank #3, X-Buster Upgrade, Heart Tank


Gravity Beetle

Items Acquired: Frog Ride Armor


Blast Hornet - Optional Boss Fight: Bit

Items Acquired: Heart Tank, Energy Chip (Helmet Enhancement Chip), and Chimera Robot Ride


Volt Catfish

Items Acquired: Heart Tank, Sub Tank #4, and Armor Upgrade.


Back Tracking

Blizzard Buffalo and Optional Vile Level

Items Acquired: Heart Tank


Tunnel Rhino and Gravity Beetle

Items Acquired: 2 Heart Tanks, Helmet Upgrade, and Arm Chip (Hyper Cannon or Arm Enhancement Chip)


Crush Crawfish - Optional Boss Fight: Byte

Items Acquired: Hawk Ride Armor, Heart Tank, and Body Chip (Armor Enhancement Chip)


Toxic Seahorse

Items Acquired: Heart Tank, Leg Chip (Leg Enhancement Chip), and Kangaroo Ride Armor


Cut Scene

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