Maverick Stages - Mega Man X2

Game Opening



Maverick Stages

Wire Sponge - Heart Tank, Sub Tank #1

Wheel Gator

X-Hunter Cut Scene

Overdrive Ostrich - Heart Tank, Leg Upgrade

X-Buster Upgrade

Bubble Crab - Heart Tank

Flame Stag - X-Hunter Serges Fight - Heart Tank, Sub Tank #2

Backtracking - Wheel Gator Heart Tank, Bubble Crab Sub Tank #3

Morph Moth - Armor Upgrade

Magna Centipede - X-Hunter Agile Fight - Heart Tank, Sub Tank #4

Crystal Snail - X-Hunter Violen Fight - Heart Tank, Helmet Upgrade

Morph Moth - Final Heart Tank

End of Maverick Stages - Alternate Cut Scene

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