Barkenator's Mega Man X2 Guide - Mega Man X2


About this Guide


Mega Man X2 Cover Art

This guide is structured such that there is as little back tracking as possible while still acquiring all of the upgrades and special items throughout the game. As a consequence of this, it means that you might not have a particular bosses weapon weakness ability for X yet, making the fight a little more difficult than it could be if you did. So while the boss orders may differ from other guides, this guide will still show you:

  • How to defeat all of the stage (Maverick) bosses and the final stage bosses.
  • Locations of all Upgrade Capsules
  • Locations of all Heart Tanks
  • Locations of all Sub Tanks
  • And how to get the special Shoryuken (Dragon Punch) Ability
  • Additionally, this game has an optional boss fight at the end, depending on it certain enemies and items where acquired during the maverick stages. This guide will show the alternate cut-scenes and boss fight and explain the factors that lead to getting the fight or not.

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