Full Professional Walkthrough (HARD Difficulty) - Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor (2010)

The game follows the events after September 11, 2001 with US military operations being conducted in the rough terrain of Afghanistan to route the Taliban and find Osama bin Laden.


You get to play 4 different characters who are connected within their missions.

Rabbit, US Navy SEAL of AFO Neptune

Deuce, US Delta Operator of AFO Wolfpack

Specialist Dante Adams, US Army Ranger and QRF

Captain Brad Hawkins, Apache Gunner of Gunfighter 6


The game starts with US Navy SEALs rescuing Tariq from the Taliban.  He informs US Special Forces that the Taliban are everywhere and many more of them are in the Shah-i-Kot Valley.  US Special Forces then begin the arduous task of eliminating and routing the Taliban. 

This is a Full Professional Walkthrough done on HARD.

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