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Unintended Consequences

A simple detonation of a small cargo container goes wrong, and sets in motion a race to stop a global terror network.

Through the Eyes of Evil

Somewhere in Yemen, an undercover OGA asset trains with new terrorist recruits.

Shore Leave

TF Mako and the Marines of TF Grizzly assault a camp of heavily-armed and highly trained Al-Shabaab pirates.

Hot Pursuit

Shortly after the incident at the port, Mako returns to the scene of the crime to find out who was shipping the explosives.

Changing Tides

While following the P.E.T.N. lead to the flood ravaged Philippines, TF Mako must now content with ASG terrorists who have taken civilians hostage.

Rip Current

A bad call by local authorities forces an emergency assault on the ASG compound. Mako must act quickly if the hostages are to be saved.

Hat Trick

The remaining members of TF Mako put their sharpshooting skills to the test in order to rescue the captain of a merchant vessel being held for ransom by Somali Pirates.

Finding Faraz

The events of the Philippines now behind them, Mother and Preacher form TF Blackbird and pursue the P.E.T.N. threat under their own R.O.E.

Connect the Dots

The picture comes into focus and TF Mako is sent to raid a terrorist training facility deep in the mountains of Yemen.

Hello and Dubai

Following the money, Mother and Preacher head to the modern city of Dubai to find a banker with dirty connections.

Old Friends

The P.E.T.N.'s source has been located and TF Mako is sent to Sarajevo to look up a few old friends who may be of help.

Bump in the Night

One shipment of P.E.T.N. is currently en route to Pakistan. TF Mako must Board, Search and Sieve the crew and cargo before it reaches port.

Shut It Down

With all the pieces of the puzzle now in place, it's a race against the clock to raid the Cleric's compound deep inside the Chitral region of Pakistan.

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