Adept Insanity New Game+ Walkthrough - Mass Effect 3

Part 01 - Opening
Part 02 - Priority: Mars
Part 03 - N7: Cerberus Lab
Part 04 - From Ashes DLC - Priority: Eden Prime
Part 05 - Priority: Palaven
Part 06 - Grissom Academy: Investigation

Part 07 - Priority: Sur'Kesh
Part 08 - N7: Cerberus Attack
Part 09 - Tuchanka: Turian Platoon
Part 10 - N7: Cerberus Abductions
Part 11 - Attican Traverse: Krogan Team
Part 12 - Tuchanka: Bomb

Part 13 - Priority: Tuchanka
Part 14 - N7: Cerberus Fighter Base
Part 15 - Priority: The Citadel
Part 16 - Mesana: Distress Signal
Part 17 - Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists
Part 18 - Priority: Geth Dreadnought
Part 19 - N7: Fuel Reactors
Part 20 - Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons

Part 21 - Rannoch: Admiral Koris
Part 22 - Priority: Rannoch
Part 23 - Priority: Thessia
Part 24 - N7: Communication Hub
Part 25 - Priority: Horizon
Part 26 - Priority: Cerberus Headquarters

Party 27 - Priority: Earth

Starting at level 59 (as high as I could get on my first playthrough). The enemies scale in difficulty with your level, so this guide is as hard as it gets.

  • Earthborn
  • Ruthless
  • Adept

Why Adept?

I decided to play through as an Adept because of how dramatically different the gameplay is compared to EVERY OTHER THIRD PERSON SHOOTER. I played through Mass Effect 1 & 2 as an Infiltrator (the sniper class) and had no idea how fun the game could be if you don't play Mass Effect as a generic third person shooter.

Vanguard is also an incredibly fun class to play as, but not on Insane difficulty (or Gold for multiplayer). The Jump ability and lots of fast paced shotgun action is super fun, but you will die A LOT on the harder difficulties.

Prior to Mass Effect 3

  • Killed the rachni queen
  • Rescued Ashley Williams on Virmire
  • Chose to sacrifice the Council
  • Destroyed Maelon's data
  • Kept Wrex alive on Virmire
  • Chose to destroy the geth heretics
  • Left the Collector Base to Cerberus
  • Survived the suicide mission with 11 squadmates
  • Romanced Ashley before ME2
  • Romanced Miranda in ME2

My Save File

If you're playing on the PC and want to use my save file, you can download it. My Mass Effect 3 save file.

To import the save file

  1. Extract the file
  2. Paste the folder and all of the contents in C:\Users\[name]\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 3\Save

If you're having problems, you can find more extensive instructions and lots of other Mass Effect save files on

Powers & Leveling

You will be using Throw and Warp (and Liara's Stasis) for 99% of your kills throughout this game. Energy Drain is also very helpful for survivability and quickly draining shields.

  • Max out Warp, Throw and Biotic Mastery first
  • For Warp rank 4 choose Detonate (bottom), rank 5 Expose (bottom), rank 6 Pierce (top)
  • For Throw rank 4 choose Force (top), rank 5 Detonate (top), rank 6 Double Throw (top)
  • For Biotic Mastery rank 4 choose Damage & Force (top), rank 5 Damage & Capacity (bottom), rank 6 Power Mastery (bottom)
  • For Energy Drain (which is unlocked by talking to Tali repeatedly) rank 4 choose Damage (top), rank 5 Drain (top), rank 6 Armor Boost (bottom)
  • For Fitness rank 4 choose Durability (bottom), rank 5 choose Barrier Recharge (bottom), rank 6 choose Fitness Expert (bottom)
  • Put 1 point into Pull to quickly pull shields away from Cerberus Centurions (Liara's stasis also makes them drop their shields)

You won't be using Shockwave, Singularity, Pull, or Cluster Grenades very much (if at all), so spec those out however you like.

Weapons & Armor

Use weapons that let your recharge bonus stay at 200%, which limits you to 1 light gun. I like using the Predator pistol.

Buy the blood dragon armor when you can for the Power damage and recharge bonuses.


Liara! Max out her Stasis as quickly as possible.

  • Stasis rank 4 choose Stasis Strength (bottom), rank 5 choose Recharge Speed (bottom), rank 6 choose Bubble
  • Pure Biotic rank 4 choose Recharge Speed (top), rank 5 choose Duration & Force (bottom), rank 6 choose Squad Bonus (top)
  • PUT NO POINTS INTO WARP OR SINGULARITY! You are going to rely on her Stasis pretty heavily, and you don't want her using powers and killing the cooldown (yes I know there's a setting to change this, but I want the second squadmate to use their powers at will). To get 0 points in Singularity, reset her powers in the Med Bay on the Normandy.

Use whoever you like for the second squadmate. I will be using Javik (when I can) simply for the extra Biotic detonations. 

Sidequests & Cutscenes

I'll be making videos for all of the main missions and 'action' sidequests, but I will be skipping ALL cutscenes and 'talking' sidequests.

PC Specs

Processor: Intel® CoreT i7 2700K 3.5GHz/3.9GHz Turbo 8MB L3 Cache GT2
Memory: 16GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600 (4x4GB)
Graphics and GPGPU Accelerator: 2x NVIDIA® GeForceT GTX 560 4GB Total GDDR5 in SLI w/PhysX
Power Supply: 850 Watt Seasonic® X-850
Hard Drive Bay One: 20GB Intel® 311 Series SSD (w/ TRIM) [SSD Caching ONLY]
Hard Drive Bay Two: 1.0TB Hitachi 7200rpm 32MB Cache SATA

Semblance's picture

I recommend EDI as your second squadmate. Overload for shields and barriers, and Incinerate for armor, and you're basically set for any situation.

John Tarr's picture

Just updated the Squadmates section to reflect the fact that I'll be using Javik because he has biotic powers.

MetalInsurgent's picture

I'm playing as a vanguard on insanity for my new game plus and I haven't had any problems. But that might be because i'm not using a shotgun.

WAC WUMBO's picture

Will you at least be mentioning when a "talking" sidequest is available or will there be a list of all the sidequest later on the site?

ExplicitDQ's picture

The Intro video isn't synced, unfortunately. Just letting you known Mister Tarr

John Tarr's picture

@WAC WUMBO not in any of the videos, but I've been slowly adding details to the wiki about all of the 'talking' sidequests

@ExplicitDQ thanks, I've fixed the video

swu's picture

@John Tarr Just watched the first N7 mission and heard about reusing the maps. The multiplayer trailer explained why. Shepard got the objective and moved on in the single-player, and now an elite team needs to hold it and fend off enemies. Also, after you complete some of these missions Hackett says as much.

Still, you are completely right from the developer's perspective.

dabanhfreak's picture

Given John's playstyle, I would recommend Sentinel as an alternative to Adept.   You get Warp and Throw as before, plus the added bonus of Overload, which is useful against Shields on the Atlus.  Also, you can activate a shield which can save your life on Insane (although at the cost of a slightly longer cooldown)

thatguyinthehat's picture

well done. Just as a slight note on your opinions on the vanguard, it can be speced for insanity by having your cool down reduction as high as possible and then using charge and nova to deal damage

aznskillz336's picture

Currently playing ME3 as an Adept class. 

Here's what I did for my (1st) playthrough (current progress):

  • maxed out all powers but Singularity
  • Warp path: (r1) -> (r2) -> (r3)-> Damage -> Lasting Damage -> Pierce (I preferred damage more than BEs)
  • Throw: (rank 4) I picked Radius over Force
  • Energy Drain path: (r1) -> (r2) -> (r3) -> Radius (TBH Damage was better) -> Drain -> Damage
  • same path for Biotic Mastery & Fitness
  • used different squadmates (Cerberus/Geth: Garrus, EDI, Tali, Ashley/Kaidan) (Reapers: Liara & Javik (sometimes James))
  • bought a Paladin & upgraded some weapons to level 5 (mainly for my squadmates) + bought some weapon upgrades (kinda feel stupid for doing those)
  • never bought the Blood Dragon Armor (but will do before finishing the playthrough or if I do a new playthrough for this class again)


It seems like I won't be able to reach level 60 before finishing this playthrough (just my theory).

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its such a good game and i love the online but i wish it just didn't have such a disappointing ending... even with the extended cut it's still not that good... :/

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I don't agree with some of this advice. I've beaten the game twice as an adept on insanity (once with Kaidan alive and once with Ashley), and I did it without too much difficulty. The biggest problem I see is people saying to ignore singularity. Actually, singularity is what I used to get the vast majority of my kills throughout the game. When facing most enemies, I would have Liara cast singularity and then Shepard would immediately follow up with warp or reave.

Singularity/warp will kill just about every regular enemy in the game. Singularity/reave doesn't kill quite as instantaneously as singularity/warp, but the enemy will die quickly from the damage over time, reave can hit multiple enemies at once, and it can reduce damage to Shepard by up to 40 percent, which really helps on insanity. Also, warp can detonate reave, which really helps against heavily armored enemies like Brutes. Even spamming warp by itself is the best way to take down heavy armor. Once reave became available, I switched from singularity/warp to singularity/reave in most situations. Singularity/warp should still be used on synthetic enemies like Geth, though.

For shielded enemies like Centurions or Cerberus Engineers, I have Kaidan/EDI/Garrus use overload (a squad mate with overload is essential when facing heavily shielded enemies like Atlas mechs) to strip the shield, and then use the singularity and warp/reave combo. Alternatively (if the overload specialist is still cooling down), I have Liara use stasis (honestly, she doesn't need more than one level of stasis--this was the only skill of hers that I didn't max out) and then strip the shield with a headshot from the powerful (and relatively lightweight) Mantis sniper rifle. Then, I follow up with singularity and warp/reave. If Liara is knocked out or cooling down (though her cool downs are so fast that this really shouldn't be much of an issue), I have Shepard do both parts of the combo herself. With the right upgrades and equipment (the Mantis sniper and an SMG with the ultra-lightweight materials mod), my singularity was cooling down in under two seconds (it started at around 135 percent recharge and eventually went to about 150 percent by the end of the game--it was 200 percent on the new game plus), so the fact that it takes a bit longer than pull/throw to cool down becomes a moot point.

Also, a singularity field can last more than 20 seconds and take up a lot of space to pull enemies in. If a group of husks is charging, have Liara and Shepard both lay down singularity fields in strategic locations. Wait for several husks to get trapped in the field and then detonate. Singularity is also great for pulling enemies out of cover. Liara will almost never miss, and Shepard should be very accurate with a little bit of practice. Singularity is awesome. Make sure to take the upgrade that increases the duration of the field (which also allows the field to pick up additional enemies), the one that does damage over time (up to around 40 damage per second--which can be used to strip the shield off an enemy in cover if the shield is already significantly damaged), and the last one that expands the size of the field.

For other powers, I'd max out warp, taking the upgrades to detonations, lasting damage and armor-piercing. I'd take reave as a bonus power as soon as it's available (only if Kaidan is alive, and he should be because he's the best squad mate in the game due to having both overload and reave). Take the area upgrade and the two upgrades that increase damage resistance to 40 percent (the last one also increases damage and duration).  For fitness, focus on the health and barrier upgrades. An adept should not be using melee combat except as a last resort. Even at close range, I preferred to use singularity to incapacitate a charging enemy like a husk. For biotic mastery, focus on the upgrades that increase damage and force, as well as the squad upgrade, since that will help both Liara and Shepard (and Kaidan if he's available). The other skills are unnecessary.

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