Rebellion Pack DLC - Mass Effect 3

Multiplayer Player Add-On
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Rebellion Pack

2 Multiplayer Maps, 6 Multiplayer Characters, 1 Assault Rifle, 1 Sniper Rifle, 1 Shotgun, 1 Objective, and 18 Gear Items.

Two maps:

  • Firebase Jade
  • Firebase Goddess

Six multiplayer characters:

  • Vorcha Soldier
  • Vorcha Sentinel
  • Quarian Male Engineer
  • Quarian Male Infiltrator
  • Project Phoenix Vanguard
  • Project Phoenix Adept

Three weapons:

  • Cerberus Harrier
  • Reegar Carbine
  • Krysae Sniper Rifle

One match objective:

  • Teams must retrieve high-priority packages and escort them to a designated extraction zone. This objective randomly occurs during waves 3, 6, and 10.

One equipment slot:

  • The Gear slot offers players a persistent bonus that does not expire after the end of a match. Gear items include weapon upgrades and character enhancements that can be obtained by purchasing equipment packs.

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