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Rank 1, Tech Mastery:

  • Be an expert tactician on and off the battlefield
Base Stats Reputation Bonus Power Damage Bonus Weight Capacity Bonus
  4% 10% 10

Rank 2, Influence and Capacity:

  • Increase weight capacity bonus by 20 points
  • Increase reputation bonus by 4%

Rank 3, Influence and Damage:

  • Increase power damage bonus by 10%
  • Increase reputation bonus by 4%

Rank 4, Power Damage OR Duration:

  • Increase power damage bonus by 15%


  • Increase duration of all powers by 25%
  • Increase reputation bonus by 8%

Rank 5, Squad Bonus OR Damage and Capacity:

  • Increase the force and damage of squadmate powers by 30%


  • Increase power damage bonus by 10%
  • Increase weight capacity bonus by 20 points

Rank 6, Drone Mastery OR Power Mastery:

  • Increase Combat Drone and Sentry Turret's shields by 100%
  • Increase Combat Drone ans Sentry Turret's damage by 50%


  • Increase power damage by 25%
  • Increase power duration by 25%

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