Sticky Grenade - Mass Effect 3 wiki

Rank 1, Sticky Grenade:

  • Allows the use of this power
Base Stats Damage Radius
  750 2 m

Rank 2, Max Grenades:

  • Increase grenade capacity by 1

Rank 3, Damage:

  • Increase damage by 20%

Rank 4, Damage OR Radius:

  • Increase damage by 30%


  • Increase impact radius by 30%

Rank 5, Max Grenades OR Armor-Piercing:

  • Increase grenade capacity by 2


  • Increase damage to armored units by 50%

Rank 6, Damage OR Proximity Trap:

  • Increase damage by 40%


  • Grenades stay active for 15 seconds when attached to a wall or surface, exploding when ana enemy approaches
  • Increase impact radius by 50%

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