Shockwave - Mass Effect 3 wiki

Rank 1, Shockwave:

Base Stats Recharge Speed Damage Force Radius Range
  2.67 sec 200 600N 2m 10m
  • Allows the use of this power

Rank 2, Recharge Speed:

  • Increase recharge speed by 25%

Rank 3, Force and Damage:

  • Increase force and damage by 20%

Rank 4, Force and Damage OR Radius:

  • Increase force and damage by 30%


  • Increase impact radius by 30%

Rank 5, Detonate OR Reach:

  • Increase force and damage of biotic detonations by 50%


  • Increase the distance that Shockwave cascades by 50%

Rank 6, Recharge Speed OR Lifting Shockwave:

  • Increase recharge speed by 40%


  • Suspend targets in the air for a short time

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