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Primarch Victus has called for a war summit, and has taken the unusual step of including the krogan. Rendezvous with the salarian ship and use the Normandy as neutral ground for the summit.

Weapons to Find

When the mission 'starts', in the room with the female krogan

  • Assault rifle extended barrel 1

Near where you first encounter Cerberus troops

  • Shotgun Blade Attachment 1

Immediately after running into a wild Yhog

  • Shotgun Spare Ammo II

After activating the first quarantine checkpoint and being ambushed

  • Pistol High Caliber Barrel II

Near your first encounter with the Guardian riot shield troops

  • Armax Arsenal Greaves
  • Sentry Interface

Near the power relay

  • Scorpion SMG
  • Pistol Scope

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