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Primarch Fedorian of the Turian Hierarchy has called a war summit that presents an opportunity for the Alliance to request help building the Crucible. Unfortunately, Fedorian was caught in the Reaper attack on Palaven. Rescue the turian primarch from Palaven's moon.

Weapons to Find

In the starting base camp, after the first rush of husks

  • M-97 Viper 1
  • Pistol Magazine Upgrade 1
  • Armax Arsenal Sholder Guard
  • Pistol Piercing Mod
  • Hahne-Kedar Greaves
  • Assault Rifle Piercing Mod 1
  • M-27 Scimitar 1

After Reuiniting with Garrus

  • Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade 1

After the Turrett sequence, you will run into a group of injured Turians

  • Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo 1

In the area of the second brute fight

  • Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope 2 

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