Helmet - Mass Effect 3 wiki

N7- Health +10%

N7 Breather Helmet- Health +10%

Death Mask-Melee Damage +10%

Kuwashii Visor- Weapon Damage +5%, Headshot Damage +10%

Sentry Interface- Shields +10%

Kestrel Helmet- Ammo Capacity +10%

Capacitor Helmet- Shield Regen Speed +10%

Archon Visor- Power Recharge Speed +10%

Umbra Visor- Power Damage +10%

Recon Hood- Weapon Damage +10%

Mnemonic Visor- Power Recharge Speed +5%, Power Damage +5%

Delumcore Overlay- Headshot Damage +5%, Weapon Damage +10%

Securitel Helmet- Shields +5%, Health +5%

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