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Rank 1, Fortification:

Base Stats Recharge Speed Damage Reduction Melee Damage Bonus Melee Damage Duration
    15% 50% 20 sec
  • Reinforce armor using protective Foucault currents. Purge the current and send its charge to your gauntlets for increased melee damage.
  • Slows power use by 60%.

Rank 2, Recharge Speed:

  • Increase recharge speed by 25% when armor is purged.

Rank 3, Melee Damage:

  • Increase melee damage bonus by 20% when armor is purged

Rank 4, Durability OR Melee Damage:

  • Increase damage protection by 5%.


  • Increase melee damage bonus by 30% when armor is purged

Rank 5, Recharge Speed OR Power Synergy:

  • Increase shield recharge rate by 15%.


  • Increase power damage and force by 20% while Fortification is active.

Rank 6, Power Recharge OR Durability:

  • Reduce power speed penalty by 30%.


  • Increase damage protection by 10%.

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