Combat Engineer - Mass Effect 3 wiki

Threat: High

Protection: Shields

Attacks: Builds and heals sentry turrets

Description: Combat Engineers are a large threat solely because of their penchant for building turrets at the drop of a hat. A surviving Engineer will also attempt to "heal" a turret under fire by recharging its shields. Turrets themselves, while not very physically sturdy, put out a TON of damage and can easily tear apart the player. They are enormously effective at suppressing the player's movement and are a huge threat in multiplayer, when an unnoticed turret can annihilate half a team in the blink of an eye. Therefore, Engineers should always be priority targets whenever they appear. Engineers themselves are easily killed up close. However, beware that they will sometimes obsessively continue trying to drop their turret even as you are killing them, and their little friend will be all too happy to end your life even after you've killed its creator.

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