Untouchable & Lost and Found - Achievement / Trophy Guide - Mass Effect 3


Achievement / Trophy Name: Untouchable - 10G / Bronze

Achievement / Trophy Description: Escape a Reaper in the Galaxy Map.


Achievement / Trophy Name: Lost and Found - 25G / Bronze

Achievement / Trophy Description: Dispatch 10 probes to retrieve people or resources in Reaper territory.


*You can choose to either read a Text Guide or watch a Video Guide which will be provided below. Both Guide methods are guaranteed to help! Please comment if you have any questions, and let us know if the Guide was helpful. Thank you.*


*The Video Guide shows the viewer (you) how to get the "Lost and Found" and "Untouchable" Achievements / Trophies. Why? Because you can get both of them by basically doing the same thing.*


Text Guide (Untouchable):

First off, you need to access your Galaxy map. You can find the Galaxy Map on board your ship, known as the Normandy. Once you've accessed your Galaxy Map, you will need to enter a Reaper controlled Solar System. You will know when a System is controlled by the Reapers because that system will have an Icon of a Reaper over it. Once you enter a Reaper controlled System, start scanning around different planets by continuously pressing LT (or L2 for PS3 users). When you're scanning around Planets looking for resources, you will attract the attention of the Reapers.

The bar on the lower left of your screen indicates how much the Reapers have taken notice to you. Keep scanning until the Bar fills up. When it does, you'll hear the noise which a Reaper makes. Now it is time to escape! Either escape to the edge of the System (indicated by a green line) or go back into the Mass Relay. Once you escape, you'll unlock your Achievement / Trophy!

If the Reapers catch you, you will die and will have a choice to load a previous save and try again.


Text Guide (Lost and Found):

For the Lost and Found Achievement / Trophy, you have to dispatch 10 probes to retrieve people or resources in Reaper territory. When you're in a Reaper controlled system, you can scan around different planets to look for people or resources. But not all planets have people or resources on them. Only a select few planets in each System have stuff on them. When you have found people or resources on a planet, EDI will say "I've found something" and then a Red Circle will pop up around the Planet, notifying you that there is something worth searching for. Press A (or X for PS3 users) over the Planet with resources or people on it, and press Y (or Triangle for PS3 users) to begin scanning the surface.

Now begin your search by holding down LT (or L2 for PS3 users). You will see a cross-hair looking thing with a little arrow/dial. Move in the direction which the dial is pointing to find your resources or people. When you see the blinking dot, move your cross-hair directly over it and press RT (or R2 for PS3 users) to launch your probe. Do this 10 times, and the Lost and Found Achievement / Trophy is yours.

As you progress further into the Campaign, you will have access to more Reaper controlled systems which will make it a lot easier for you to unlock the Lost and Found Achievement / Trophy.

I hope this helps! =)


Video Guide:



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