Shopaholic - Achievement / Trophy Guide - Mass Effect 3


Achievement / Trophy Name: Shopaholic  - 10G / Bronze

Achievement / Trophy Description: Visit a store in the single-player campaign.


*You can choose to either read a Text Guide or watch a Video Guide which will be provided below. Both Guide methods are guaranteed to help! Please comment if you have any questions, and let us know if the Guide was helpful. Thank you.*


Text Guide:

- The first time you're able to access a store in the Campaign, is right after you complete the second mission in the game which is "Priority: Mars". Once you complete the mission, you will now be heading to the Citadel. Once you're inside the Citadel, look for the Elevator which will take you upstairs. It will be past two blue laser-type doors. Make sure to select the 4th floor which is the "Huerta Memorial Hospital". Once upstairs, walk forwards a bit and turn to your left where you'll see a small store terminal that says "Sirta Supplies". Access the store by pressing A (or X for PS3 users). Once the store is accessed, your Achievement / Trophy will unlock!

Unless it is your first time playing a Mass Effect game, a Video Guide is not really needed, but I created one anyways, just in case someone were to look up that particular Achievement / Trophy on YouTube. The Text Guide explained above is the same one which is shown in the video provided below. I hope this has helped you!


Video Guide:


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