Part 27 - Priority: Earth - Mass Effect 3

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Do the Witcher 2 for xbox. The hardest difficulty really deserves a guide. It's the second hardest game I've played next to Dark Souls. Dark Souls still is 10x harder but still, games these days are relatively easy and the Witcher 2 would have 2nd place in terms of difficulty in my books. 

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I played through the final missions as an LV60 infiltrator two times on insanity difficulty.
Companions: Garrus+Javik
Weapons: Black Widow Sniper (Concentration + Extra Ammo), Saber Rifle (Damage + Armor Piercing), Paladin Pistol, Locust Submachine Gun - all upgraded to Level X
Powers: Cryo Ammo, Cloak, Reave (Bonus Power), Armor Piercing Ammo (Garrus), Overload (Garrus), Dark Channel (Javik)

Always stay back at the starting area, this will funnel the enemies so they come from one direction only and there is some good cover.
As long as there are no brutes/banshees use the submachine gun with cryo ammo. Garrus' Overload will remove the shields of Marauders. Use the pistol if you run out of ammo, but do not squander your rifle ammo on the lower enemies.
Banshees/Brutes: Enemies will take significantly more damage from weapons when affected by Reave, use it constantly.
Take out your Saber Rifle + Garrus' Armor Piercing Power + Reave + Dark Channel to deal with the brutes.
For the banshees use your sniper rilfe, plus the aforementioned powers + Garrus' Overload.
Load up on ammo before activating the first missile battery.
Finally do not forget to cloak for the last sprint to the second missile battery.

Enjoy the ending...

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I am pretty sure the stuff in the extended cut ending will have different cutscenes based on your choices because the effects of destroy, control, and synthesis are different, they just showed similar cutscenes for each. Also, there wouldn't be any point of releasing this dlc if all of the endings were the same.

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Pro tip:  In the opening section, if you hold either RB or LB when the Hydra cannon fires, the game will pause (as per usual when you bring up the weapon or power wheel), and you can wait out the screen shake that accompanies the cannon's shot.  This is especially helpful for characters who rely on sniper rifles or other precision weapons.

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Me and my friends are probably the only people who didn't mind the ending.  Matter of fact, I liked it.  I just wished they showed more of what happened to the other characters, but whatever.

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The ending of the game COMPLETELY went over most people's heads. Please go check out this video that will explain why the ending is actually very well done.

I will agree that each ending should have been completely different from each other. I blame EA, not Bioware.

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If the indoctrination theory is correct, then one of the endings is significantly different from the other two (the destroy option). Yes, it only differs in the last couple of seconds, but it is a big difference.

I do have a question for you: how can you blame EA for any part of Mass Effect 3 when it was made by Bioware? EA published ME3, so they were responsible for marketing, distribution, etc, whereas Bioware developed ME3, making them responsible for all in game content.

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