Part 23 - Priority: Thessia - Mass Effect 3

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Everything that they were talking about with pro-human or pro-alien is basically the same as the conflicts in the Witcher series.

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There's a Hydra Missle Launcher somewhere around where you begin with the Banshee.

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This is the problem with your Pro Human vs. Pro Civilization idea: it still boils down to right vs. wrong or good vs. evil.  Good vs. evil is a point of view. For your sacrifice Americans to save the French, that could be evil if you're American, or good if you're French, it all depends on your point of view. But it's also very vague so anyone can feel the story is written for them. How about instead of referring to everything as good vs. evil you can just refer to it as action and reaction. Ok so helped species A and not species B. The reaction or result is species A likes you and species B doesn't. That makes sense, and it's up to the point of view of the player if that was good or evil or not. And when the game comes to a close, you're left with a sum of your actions.

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