Part 15 - Priority: The Citadel - Mass Effect 3

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I saved Kaiden when I played Mass Effect because Ashley is a xenophobic bitch.

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Well there are Sticky grenades if you play Infiltrator, However its really fucking hard to stick individual targets because you throw like girl and they don,t do that much damage, unless it's a huge brute or atlas. Because the Sticky grenades have an up grade where they can do some serious damage to armor which is great for taking out armored targets like Brutes, Ravengers, Atlas, and banshees.

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In the first game you fight on the Citadel. The whole last "level" where you finally confront Saren is on the citadel.

Also in the first game, it's mentioned that it's illegal to mess with the keepers because they keep the Citadel running. And anytime anyone fucks with the keepers, they self destruct. A new one replaces it soon after and it goes back to work.

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