Part 13 - Priority: Tuchanka - Mass Effect 3

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Depending on how good one is at avoiding fire, the Inferno armor might actually be a better choice than the Blood Dragon armor for the Adept playstyle.  Blood Dragon has an extra 20% shields, but Inferno has an extra 20% power recharge speed (for a total of 30%).

Of course, the recharge when using only the pistol is already so quick that I'm not sure how much difference an extra 20% would make.

Also, Wrex and Bakara's strong leadership is what makes most of the other council races think that the Krogan will be able to control themselves once the genophage is cured.

Lastly, Tali's face is based on former Miss England Hammasa Kohistani, an ethnic Tajik.  So not quite Indian, but not far off, either.

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