Part 07 - Priority: Sur'Kesh - Mass Effect 3

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Garrus is a Turian.

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There are fewer factions in Mass Effect 3 then in Mass Effect 2, but there is a actual variety in each faction in Mass Effect 3. For example, in Mass Effect 2 there would only be three different enemies in a faction like with the blood pack there is only Krogan, Vorcha, and Varren. In Mass Effect 3, the reaper faction has husks, cannibals, marauders, brutes, harvesters, banshees, and ravagers.

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Bring condoms i case you get raped in LA...or at least a whistle.

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I wish I could just sit behind you guys reciting names, trivia, and obscure backstory.  I feel like remembering useless shit is one of the few things I'm good at.

Oh, and the "bird" thing is called a Harvester.  It's kind of weird that its reaper-form name is the same as its normal name, where as reaper batarians are "cannibals," reaper turians are "marauders," etc.  If you recall back to when Shepard acted as Grunt's krantt and helped him complete the Rite on Tuchanka, Harvesters swooped in during the second wave to drop off the red, fire-breathing insectoids (called Klixens).  Harvesters made an aditional appearance in ME2 in one of the missions in the chain of missions regarding investigating the Blood Pack.

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Good job Dan!

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