Part 04 - From Ashes DLC - Priority: Eden Prime - Mass Effect 3

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To my knowledge, the collector's edition included a redeemable code to download "From Ashes," and the content was not on the disc itself.

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@Dan and John,

Just wanted to start off by saying that I agree with you that how this DLC was handled by Bioware and EA wasn't the best.  However, work on this DLC apparently began after the on-disk content was finalized and the release date for the DLC was not set in stone (the Collector's Editon passcode for the DLC says "available soon" indicating a day-1 launch wasn't finalized, it just so happened that they were able to finish the content by launch day).  This reminds me of the Battlefield 3 DLC expansion which was announced to be included with the Limited Edition copies of the title and available for $10 to everyone else.  That DLC was announced before the game came out but no release date was finalized by launch and the DLC promo code in the Limited Edition copy of the game had a similar "available soon" message to say that you will get your content whenever it's finished.  I also agree that Javik contributes A LOT to the Mass Effect universe and it is a shame that many people won't experience him since he costs $10, but it should be noted that absolutely nothing is taken away from the story by not having him, he simply adds something extra if you do have him. It doesn't seem like Bioware did anything that can be considered definitively wrong, but they did tread down a morally ambiguous path as far as this content is concerned.  But also, to be fair, the amount of content gained by this DLC pack far exceeds the content made available through both ME2 DLC characters combined, making this DLC a much better $10 buy than the Kasumi DLC in ME2.  Just thought I'd share my opinions on the matter and maybe bring some new information to the table.  Keep up the great content guys!

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