Liberator - Mass Effect 3


Achievement / Trophy Name: Liberator - 15G / Bronze

Achievement / Trophy Description: Stop a Cerberus kidnapping.


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Text Guide:

The mission which you will have to complete in order to unlock this Achievement / Trophy is called "Grissom Academy: Investigation". The first time you will be able to access this mission is right after you finish the third mission of the game which was "Priority: Palaven" where you had to rescue the Turian Primarch on Palaven's Moon called "Menae".

Warning: Once you complete a certain amount of missions after playing the Third mission of the game (Priority: Palaven), you won't be able to access this mission for the whole play-through. If you do miss your chance, you can either start a new game, or revert to an older save.

Anyways, after completing the third mission, talk to Specialist Traynor on the Normandy. She will be to the right of the Galaxy map. Talk to her, and she'll ask you if you can help rescue the students at "Grissom Academy". Your first response should be "I'd like to help them." After that, go onto your Galaxy map and enter the Petra Nebula where you can start the mission. After you complete the mission, the Achievement / Trophy is yours. This Achievement / Trophy is missable (as said above).

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