Eye of the Hurricane - Achievement / Trophy Guide - Mass Effect 3


Achievement / Trophy Name: Eye of the Hurricane - 10G / Bronze

Achievement / Trophy Description: Kill a brute while it's charging you.


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Text Guide:

- The first time you are able to get this Achievement / Trophy is just after you finish talking to the Council about getting help for Earth. Once the cut-scene ends, go back onto the Normandy (if you are still in the Citadel), and go to your Galaxy Map. Go to the planet called "Menae" where the mission named "Rescue Turian Primarch" is located. The official mission name for it is actually Priority: Palaven (when you view it in your Journal by pressing START). This is the third mission in the game.

After re-activating the communications tower, and later defending another key point in the Turian base, you will then need to get on the Turret at the head of the base and fight off many husks. Once you have killed all of the Husks, a cutscene will appear which will show you a Brute. The Brute will then knock you off the Turret, causing the cut-scene to end.

Now, shoot the Brute until it has about 3 or 4 bars of health/armor left. Then quickly move your teammates out of the way. Preferably around the corner so that they do not shoot and kill the Brute when it's charging you. To move your teammates, point in the direction you want them moved in, and press LEFT and then RIGHT on your D-Pad to move both of your teammates. Now weaken the Brute down until it has 1 bar of health/armor left. Once it has 1 bar left, move back far enough away from the Brute, so that when it charges you, you will have enough time to kill it, before it kills you. Once you're far enough from the Brute, and it is finally charging you, finish it off and your Achievement / Trophy will unlock!


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Video Guide:


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