Always Prepared - Mass Effect 3


Achievement / Trophy Name: Always Prepared - 10G / Bronze

Achievement / Trophy Description: Obtain two non-customizable suits of armor.


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Text Guide:

Your first non-customizable suit of Armor which you can buy is right after the second mission of the game which is "Priority: Mars". Once you're done with all the cutscene's, you can go back to the Normandy and purchase the "Inferno Armor" from the Shuttle Bay via the Normandy Elevator.

Once you complete the third mission of the game which is "Priority: Palaven", you should then go back to the Citadel. Once you're on the Citadel, head to the Elevator which is past two Blue laser-type doors. Then head to the new floor called the "Presidium Commons" where you can purchase the Blood Dragon Armor, Cerberus Armor, Collector's Armor, Inferno Armor, and other accessories. Or head to the "Docks: Holding Area" floor where you can purchase the Terminus Armor from a small store near some Batarians (weird looking Aliens with many eyes). When on the Citadel, all of the Armor Sets will cost 50,000 credits each. But the Inferno Armor will cost 55,000 if you buy it from the Normandy's store in the Shuttle Bay.


How to use a new Armor set in Missions: Once you have purchased the Armor you like, you can set your Character to use that Armor set in missions. To do this, go back to the Normandy via the Elevator. Once you're on the Normandy, go to the Elevator inside the ship and head to the Shuttle Bay or the Captain's Cabin where you can access your Armory. Select the Armor of your choice and press 'B' (or Circle for PS3 users) to save it as your default armor. It'll then be equipped when playing your next mission.

Note: Any other unlockable Armor type will count towards this Achievement / Trophy. Such as Armor sets which could only be unlocked for a limited time (Reckoner Knight Armor), or were unlocked as a Pre-order bonus from a store (N7 Defender Armor).

Hope this helps! Thank you.


Video Guide:

Although the title of the video is "How to unlock new Armor", it still shows you (the viewer) how to access new parts of the Citadel where you can buy new Armor sets which will count towards the "Always Prepared" Achievement / Trophy. Enjoy!

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