Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii, currently the latest in the Mario Kart Series as of 2010, is a game that is well associated with the Wii console.  Boasting different modes such as the Grand Prix, Time Trials, and multiple facets of multi-player that include Battle or just the original style of racing, players can spend endless hours perfecting their times, unlocking vehicles and characters, and playing with  friends online.  Some of the aspects that set Mario Kart Wii apart from its predecessors include the option of using a bike, a different means of control via the Wiimote, and revamped courses.  In addition, Mario Kart Wii also pays homage to previous Mario Karts by including old courses now updated with Wii graphics.  Guaranteed, this game will test your sanity and your determination to say the least.  Try not to swear too much when playing 150cc and refrain from throwing controller into television.


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