Hard Difficulty Guide - Mafia II

Mafia - II Hard Difficulty Guide

Gameplay by TheAdirah47 & Rahul-Iyer95

Played on PC but Applicable for PS3 & X360

Chapter 1 - The Old Country -

Chapter 2 - Home Sweet Home :-

Moving Round the City -

Visiting Mamma -

Visit Joe's Apartment

Visit Guiseppe

Steal the Car

Get to Mike Bruski

Steal Walter Coupe

Back to Joe

Chapter 3 - Enemy of the State

Visit Derek and Do his Job

Collect money from Dock Workers

Get to Freddy's Bar

Meet Maria Agnello and take her to Hospital

Get to Building

Steal the Stamps

Escape the Building

Return to Freddy's Bar

Sell the Gas Stamps

Get to Joe's Place

Chapter 4 - Murphy's Law
Get to Freddy's Bar

Rob the Store

Escape the Mall

Escape the Cops & Get to Joe's

Chapter 5 - The BuzzSaw
Get to Freddy's Bar

Collect the Hardware & Get to Meeting Point

Kill the Fat Man

Escape the Distillery

Take Henry to Doctor

Meet your Sister & Repay the Debts

Return to Joe's

Chapter 6 - Time Well Spent
Jail Intro

Find Leo Gallante

Learn new Skills

Defeat the Guy in the Gym

Defeat the Guy in the Laundary

Defeat the Guy in the Bathroom

Defeat Brian O'Neil

Chapter 7 - In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza
Out of Jail - Meet Joe

See new Apartment

Get suit & go to Joe

Get to the Venue

Dump the Body in the Observatory

Get back to Joe's Apartment

Chapter 8 - The Wild Ones
Sell the Goods

Chase the Greaser & Get to Crazy Horse

Teach Greasers a Lesson

Sell the Car and Give Eddie his money

Chapter 9 - Balls & Beans
Meet Eddie

Follow Luca

Find your Men

Find & Kill Luca

Making Vito

Chapter 10 - Room Service
Get to Joe's & Meet Eddie

Get to Empire Arms Hotel

Set up the Bomb

Blow the Bomb

Kill Clemente

Go Home

Dump the Bartender's Body

Return Home

Chapter 11 - A Friend of Ours
Drive with Henry to Bar

Warn Leo

Take Leo to Train Station

Teach Eric a Lesson

House Burnt Get to Joe

Reach Michs a Lesson

Chapter 12 - Sea Gift
Meet Henry in Park

Get the money

Make the Deal

Sell the Goods

Chapter 13 - Exit the Dragon
Henry's Dead

Follow Wong

Kill Wong

Escape Chinatown

Chapter 14 - Stairway to Heaven
Kill Tommy Angelo - Mafia I End

Get to Kingston

Kill Steve & Derek

Earn Money for Bruno

Find Joe

Save Joe

Pay Bruno Back

Chapter 15 - Per Aspera Da Astra
Get to Planetorium

Kill Carlo Falcone

The End


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