Extreme Difficulty Video Guide - Lost Planet 2

Mission 1-0


Mission 1-1

Data Posts
To The Mine
Cleaning Out The Mine
Activating The Generators
Keeping The Control Units On

Mission 1-2

Proceed To The Reservoir Area
Category G Akrid Boss
The Last Data Posts

Mission 1-3

Data Posts
Fight To The Top
Engage The Jungle Pirates
Category G Akrid Boss

Mission 2-1

Infiltrate Without Casualties
Eliminate Impediments
Burn This City
Protect The Post

Mission 2-2

Conveyor Belts
Advance On Target
VS Standoff

Mission 2-3

Clearing The Area
Category G Akrid Boss

Mission 3-1

Protect The Train

Mission 3-2

Clearing The Village

Mission 3-3

Take On The Enemy
Advancing On The Train
Manning The Turret

Mission 4-1

Break Through Enemy Lines
Penetrate The Defense Perimeter

Mission 4-2

Data Posts
Steal A Sub

Mission 4-3

Storm The Beach
Protect The Beach
Huge Spider
Taking Down The Spider
Activating The Generator

Mission 4-4

Getting A VS
Getting A Plane
Lower The Bridge

Mission 4-5

Clearing Out The Rooms
Find The Control Post
Fight The Ship

Mission 5-1

Storm The Ship
Activate The Dataposts
Protect The Dataposts

Mission 5-2

Take Out The Trash
Category G Akrid

Mission 5-3

Fight The Other Ship
Storm The Other Ship

Mission 6-1

In Space
Head To The Engineering Station
Getting To The Station

Mission 6-2

First Two Data Posts
Last Three Data Posts
Defend The VS Suits

Mission 6-3

Finding Your Team
Akrid Standoff
Category G Akrid Boss

Mission 6-4

Final Boss Phase 1
Final Boss Phase 2
Final Boss Phase 3
Final Boss Phase 4
Final Boss Phase 5

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