VR Survival Challenge - LittleBigPlanet

MGS Survival Challenge Badge


This video covers the "VR Survival Challenge" Survival Challenge (redundant, eh?) in the METAL GEAR SOLID® Premium Level Kit for LittleBIGPlanet. The only thing to do here is collect the optional Virtual Survivor Silver Trophy, and I show you some strategies that can help you do so with only one player. (Multiple players make the job easier, but this video shows that it's not too difficult to do it with just one.) The Trophy requires you to get 3,750 points, but you should know that that minimum is not sufficient. Dying (which is obviously required to legitimately get to the Scoreboard) deducts 5% from the total score. If you are playing alone, this means you should shoot for a minimum of 3,950 points to safely land you at about 3,752 points when you die. That's barely squeaking by, so I recommend you get at least 4,000 or more, especially if multiple players are present. I accidentally died around the 5,450 point mark in this recording, but I could have easily continued for a while longer using the displayed strategies. If you can, try to destroy five or more turrets in quick succession. (This is easiest early on.) As shown in the video, doing that enables the familiar score multiplier and can really help to boost your score.

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