The Shifting Temple - LittleBigPlanet

Temples Score Challenge Badge


I do a quick run through of the "The Shifting Temple" Score Challenge. Of all the Score Challenges in the game, I feel that this one can actually be called challenging. Many are short and only a few pose some minor challenge, but this is a rare one that isn't a cakewalk. Compared to a full level of the main Story Mode, this Challenge is still short but not in a crippling manner (such as "Skateboard Freefall"). Despite that, it packs a fair amount of Challenge within its duration.

Astute viewers may notice that I avoided going for some of the Checkpoints. If you're aiming to Ace this level, then going out of your way for Checkpoints just wastes time and score. This run is pretty well-timed and I feel like it can be used as a good reference for what to do to score decently whilst still Acing the level.

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