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Welcome to my LittleBIGPlanet Walkthrough!

This walkthrough covers all of the single-player and multiplayer/co-operative content of the Story Mode of the game. This includes Completing and Acing every level, finding all of the Goodies/Prize Bubbles and finding all of the Keys to Score and Survival Challenges.

If you're concerned with Trophies, this guide will (indirectly or otherwise) show you how to get the following Trophies:

= Story Mode Trophies =
- Artist
- Secret Stickerist
- The Gardens
- The Savannah
- The Wedding
- The Canyons
- The Metropolis
- The Islands
- The Temples
- Just Beginning
- Play

= Create Mode Trophies =
- Expert Creator

= Prize Bubble Trophies =
- Forager
- Sticky Fingers
- Treasure Hunter
- Booty Master

= Multiplayer Trophies =
- Friendly
- Socialite (and/or Party Person, if you use friends rather than random players)

You are also likely to get the 2X Multiplier, 8X Multiplier, Cranium Collector, Top of the class, and Dr Frankenstein Trophies while playing through the game and following this guide, but I do NOT go out of my way to specifically show you how to get these Trophies.

If you want, you can view the YouTube playlist with this link.

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