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This video covers the fourth level ("Cursed Bay") in the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit for LittleBIGPlanet. I Ace and collect all of the currently accessible Goodies for this level.

I don't recommend swimming under the ship at the beginning of the level once you've collected the four Goodies in that area. I did it in the recording to show you that it's just barely possible, but there is a much easier and much less risky way to return. When the water begins to lower, just hop onto the layer furthest in the background and walk behind the ship.

I, once again, can not currently complete the Cooperative Challenge area since I'm playing solo, but I will complete it in a subsequent revisit.

Since it is the penultimate main level of this DLC Level Kit, it makes sense that the "Cursed Bay" level is moderately difficult. The only part that personally challenges me during normal play is the portion with the spiked skull and zombie pirate platforms. Additionally, the constantly shifting water can make routine platforming difficult as well (especially if you choose to go for the HMS Interceptor Trophy during a revisit).

By the way, the handsome Mr. William Turner is sporting a Tango Rose in this video because it was recorded and uploaded on Valentine's Day in 2011. Happy VD!


Revisit: After getting the Davy Jones, Ship's Lantern and Skull Chest Stickers in "The Kraken!!!" (The first of the three can be found after defeating the boss, and the latter two are awarded for completing the level.)

I revisit "Cursed Bay" in the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit for LittleBIGPlanet to cover the Cooperative Challenge (and its exclusive Goodies) for this level. Then, I use the recently acquired Ship's Lantern, Davy Jones and Skull Chest Stickers to pick up the rewards from the respective Sticker Switches.

The poor camera angle for the last portion of the Cooperative Challenge area makes it difficult to see exactly what was done, but I (in the Barbossa costume) just swam down to get the last peripheral bivalve Prize Bubble and then I swam to get the last Goodie that is released from the central bivalve. (Side note: If you're having trouble with this Cooperative Challenge, I show a different way to complete it with only two players. Check out that method in the attached video response.)

Using the Skull Chest Sticker near the beginning of this level allows a Race to be completed. If you finish with more than 4,000 points remaining, you'll earn the HMS Interceptor Silver Trophy. In this video, I show you a route and strategy for completing that optional challenge. (Note that the Trophy notification does NOT pop up because I already had that Trophy.) Besides the optional Trophy challenge, completing the Race let's you collect another four Prize Bubbles. Those four Goodies happened to be the last ones I needed to round off this DLC Premium Level Kit, so that's why you see the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Booty Master Bronze Trophy notification.

Special thanks goes to the YouTube volunteer featured in this video. (We all changed costumes throughout the video, so it's somewhat pointless to give a description. Besides, you're probably aware of the extensive co-op help this person has provided by now.) His YouTube account is Spongebob1212X and his PSN ID is SpongebobFTW1. Special thanks also goes to his invited friend who goes by the PSN ID of QWERTFREDKID234. The fourth player (who only briefly shows up) with the display name of Mike Alt is just SpongebobFTW1 using a second controller. It's possible to use less than four actual players to gain access to this area (it's entirely possible with just two), but the buoyancy of inactive players can make it a pain to grab everything (as clearly evidenced by the aforementioned poor camera angle).

By the way, if the Booty Master notification didn't make it obvious enough, I've now completed the entirety of the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit. It's time to move on to the Marvel® Level Kit!


Bonus: A method for gaining access to the x4 Cooperative Challenge area with only one extra player and no exploits.

Don't have three extra players or controllers? Here's a method for accessing the x4 Cooperative Challenge area in the "Cursed Bay" level of the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit for LittleBIGPlanet that only requires one extra player or controller.

Finding online players for LBP DLC levels is difficult (as the players generally stick to Story Mode or have moved on to LittleBIGPlanet 2), but you can use this method to collect the exclusive Goodies without wrangling up three friends or random players and without having to exploit multiple controllers.

In case you can't tell what we're doing, we're manipulating the proximity of the four Buttons to our advantage. By jumping just right, one character can activate two Buttons at once. If you get two people to successfully pull off that maneuver in a short span of time, it will be as if all four Buttons were pressed at once, and you'll gain access to the alcove below. From there, just Retry (or drown automatically) after getting trapped in a bivalve to respawn and collect the remaining Prize Bubbles.

Special thanks goes to the YouTube volunteer featured in this video. (He is the one in the Davy Jones costume.) His YouTube account and PSN ID is DosaidonGK.

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