Level 25: The Collector - LittleBigPlanet

The Collector Boss Level Badge


This is it, folks, this is the final level of "The Wilderness" area and the final boss of the Story Mode of LittleBIGPlanet. All of the previous bosses were simply one portion of a level, but The Collector has an entire special level dedicated to him and his sequential boss battle.

Acing this boss battle is no cakewalk, but it's still probably one of the easiest parts of the entirety of "The Wilderness". If you have trouble with this boss battle, it's probably because of some annoying semi-randomness (such as spawned tanks not behaving properly) rather than brutal challenge like the kind that can be found in "The Bunker" and "The Collector's Lair". Like many bosses of many video games, simply being aware of the boss' patterns will do much to help you in your fight.

I've always really enjoyed watching The Collector flee once his machines are destroyed, but I've also always thought the ending was particularly short and saccharine. (Also, the, quite literally, plastered-on grins of the various story characters as they encircle the Earth in the ending always served to creep me out. Seriously, there are far less disturbing mouth Stickers the artists could have chosen for the ending, but they decided on using one of the cheesiest.)

Also, by moving into the background layer, it is possible to stand on top of the Earth during the ending sequence. It does nothing special, but it's an amusing trick nonetheless.

If Trophies are your thing, then following this guide to completion should earn you the Booty Master Silver Trophy and the Play Gold Trophy (as seen in the video). Normally, I don't particularly care about Trophies and Achievements, but you really had to work for these two, so I congratulate you!

Anyways folks, I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough and found it helpful. Believe it or not, I'm not actually stopping here. In a distinct but related series, I'm going to cover some of the downloadable content (DLC) of LittleBIGPlanet. I plan on covering what I consider the "main" DLC that has a heavy emphasis story and gameplay. From that definition, I plan to include: Creator Pack 1, the Metal Gear Solid Level Kit, the Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit and the Marvel Comics Level Kit. There are some things that I also currently plan on NOT purchasing and covering. Examples of what I plan to explicitly exclude are: the Monsters Level Kit, the History Level Kit and the Incredibles Level Kit. Each of those contain many Prize Bubbles, a new level and some gameplay, but they exist mostly to display what you are purchasing rather than to provide you with awesome new story and gameplay.

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