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I Ace and collect all of the currently accessible single-player Goodies in the "The Bunker" level. "The Bunker" level is quite infamous. Many revile and loathe the level, and a few have even quit playing the game because of this level.

However, my recording here baffles me. I was completely aware of the difficulty of "The Bunker" and I dreaded covering it. I remembered how much trouble I had with it during my initial playthrough of the game. I fully anticipated this being the one and only level where I wouldn't go for Prize Bubbles while Acing the level because I imagined it would be too aggravating for even me.

Yet, this recording is here and I really didn't have that much trouble performing it. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't ridiculously difficult like one might imagine based on the popular perception of this level. I faced far more difficulty and frustration recording "The Mines" and "Endurance Dojo" than I did recording this level. Perhaps this comparison is unfair though. During my initial playthrough of the game, I had to learn solid strategies for overcoming some of the obstacles in this level if I wanted to complete it, so perhaps I just transferred over that previously learned knowledge and skill when I played through it to get this recording. I imagine I have great advantage over players trying this level for the first time.

To get the Goodies above the Entrance, you need to grab and drag the soldier over to the wall. If you lean him against the wall, you can use two or three normal jumps to get up to the Prize Bubbles. If, instead, he topples over like in this video, you'll have to resort to corner jumping off of the tip of his helmet.

Getting to the high Prize Bubble in the immediate next section requires a bit of effort on your part. You have to synchronize a strong jump with strong acceleration from the Multi-Spear Machine below. I recommend initiating your jump right as the top of the Machine touches the bottom of the purple Magnetic Switch. You should get a feel for the exact timing with practice.

It may appear as if I skipped an upper area in this video, but I didn't. There is a Sticker Switch and a Cooperative Challenge area up there but I currently don't have the requisite Sticker and I'm playing solo, so I'll just deal with both of those things and their Goodies in a future video.

Most people who hate this level particularly hate the so-called Wheel of Death near the end of the level. It can be tough, but once you know what to do, it is easy to consistently perform the actions that will get you through.

It was not my intention to do an extra rotation of the outer ring. That happened because I screwed up and fell behind towards the end, yet I survived and still managed to Ace the level just fine.


Revisit: After getting the Power Fist Sticker in "The Collector's Lair".

I cover the Cooperative Challenge (and its exclusive Goodies) for the "The Bunker" level. Then, since I now have the Power Fist Sticker, I quickly revisit this level to pick up the rewards from the respective Sticker Switch.

"The Bunker" is already unique and notable for many reasons, but its Cooperative Challenges adds another unique aspect to it. This is the only level in the entire game to have an x3 Cooperative Challenge. Every other level (that contains a Cooperative Challenge) in the Story Mode has either an x2 or an x4 Cooperative Challenge. Interesting, eh?

The player in the lower portion of the Cooperative Challenge area (me, in the Neon Wireframe Costume, in this case) does not have to use the Retry option. I just forgot what sequence of Switch pulls you had to perform to get out (it's actually a really simple sequence, but that doesn't matter when you forget it entirely), so I chose to use Retry to get out and respawn at the nearby Checkpoint.

Special thanks goes to the YouTube volunteer featured in this video. (He is the one in the Sonic the Hedgehog Costume.) His YouTube account is Spongebob1212X and his PSN ID is SpongebobFTW1. Special thanks also goes to the random online player featured in this video. He is wearing the Devil Costume and goes by the PSN ID of XX_LiL_BeAsTy_XX.

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