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The Frozen Tundra


I Ace and collect all of the currently accessible single-player Goodies in the "The Frozen Tundra" level. Despite being in the last area of the game, the difficulty of this level isn't too bad, but it's just the calm before the storm of the infamous subsequent level.

The part with the falling stalactites and collapsing platforms may lead you to think that you'll have to play this level multiple times in order to get all of the Goodies. This is not true, and the strategy shown in this video makes that clear. While it is tricky and involves a bit of luck (one of the falling stalactites acted particularly and uniquely crazy in this recording), getting every Prize Bubble in that area in a single go is very possible.

Interestingly, the Gear Graphic Sticker is found a very short distance away from the Sticker Switch that it activates. If you want, you can simply collect that Prize Bubble and die or Retry to head back to the Checkpoint right next to the Sticker Switch. You obviously won't Ace the level this way, but you can collect those Goodies quickly if you so choose. Since I'm Acing the level in this recording, I'll just pick up the Sticker Switch Goodies during a revisit.

It is possible to jump the gaps after portions of the metal bridge are destroyed by the falling stalactites, but it's far easier to simply cross each segment of the bridge (by running or jumping) before it collapses.

During the portion where you skate on the ice/glass, it's entirely possible to get a large multiplier if you string together enough Score Bubbles. In this recording, mine ends early simply because I was carefully trying to get a slightly out-of-the-way Prize Bubble. You could just jump to get it while simultaneously and automatically changing layers, but I didn't want to risk missing it so I slowed down. I was also a bit sloppy on getting the Object on top of the army man immediately after the race, but I got it eventually. It's possible to get that Prize Bubble easily by jumping at the end of the ice race or by performing a good jump off of one of the stacks of boxes, but I managed to screw up the jumps AND the stacks of boxes, so I eventually resorted to simply knocking down the Prize Bubble.

I am NOT looking forward to the "The Bunker" level (especially the process of Acing it), but I will do what must be done if this guide is to be complete.


Revisit: After getting the Gear Graphic Sticker (that can be found very shortly after the corresponding Sticker Switch during your first time through "The Frozen Tundra").

Now that I have the Gear Graphic Sticker, I quickly revisit the "The Frozen Tundra" level to pick up the rewards from the respective Sticker Switch. Then, I cover the Cooperative Challenge (and its exclusive Goodies) for this level.

The first part of the Cooperative Challenge is quite interesting because it's a unique puzzle. Each of the four players has to grab and hold one wheel in the correct position to form a combination (Skull, Egg, Target, Earth) that unlocks the door to another area. In the second part, you need to have all four players synchronize their jumps to push a platform down to the point where it activates a Button that releases some Prize Bubbles (including all the pieces of the Devil Costume). In the third and final part (where you all exit the area by sliding down to where you came from), make sure that at least one player jumps towards the end of the sliding section so that they pick up the last Goodie in this area.

Special thanks goes to the YouTube volunteer featured in this video. (He is the one in a purple hat and holding a Mini Sackboy doll. He later switches to a Sonic the Hedgehog Costume.) His YouTube account is Spongebob1212X and his PSN ID is SpongebobFTW1. Special thanks also goes to the random online player featured in this video. He is wearing the Helghast Costume and goes by the PSN ID of XX_LiL_BeAsTy_XX. Who is the yellow lion, you ask? It's actually just XX_LiL_BeAsTy_XX using a second controller. Although difficult, it is possible for just two or three people to complete this Cooperative Challenge by using extra controllers. (There are numerous occasions where you can use extra controllers or even reassigning your controller number to perform an exploit that helps you beat Cooperative Challenges with fewer players, but I decided to avoid using that exploit in my walkthrough.)

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