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Port Royal Level Badge


This video covers the first level ("Port Royal") in the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit for LittleBIGPlanet. I Ace and collect the vast majority of the currently accessible Goodies for this level. (I accidentally bypassed two, but I pick them up in a later recording.)

As I mentioned in the previous video, I'm not a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit. Nonetheless, I really like the introductory sequence in the level, and I'm tempted to say that it's the best part of all of the Kit's levels. (However, that seems like a backhanded compliment, don't you think?) I think a big part of my disappointment comes from the fact that you don't really interact much with the noteworthy characters of the franchise that is allegedly tied into this DLC. Davy Jones makes a few indirect appearances and the Royal Marines (redcoats) pop up, but it's hardly worth mentioning when you consider how the METAL GEAR SOLID® Kit has you make significant interactions with Otacon and Liquid Snake and how the Marvel Comics Kit has you make significant interactions with Magneto and lesser (but still notable) interactions with The Punisher, The Green Goblin, Doc Ock and various other heroes and villains. On the other hand, I think the Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Kit is one of the best Costume sets offered as DLC. It makes no meaningful impact on gameplay, but the aesthetics and details of the various Costumes in that Kit are really well done.

I always thought the large green-haired pirate (who wants you to retrieve two coins) was odd. The bit about the eye suggests that this is a reference to Ragetti, but his last words regarding the eye (which actually forms part of a direct quote from the character in Curse of the Black Pearl) and his overall body shape seems to suggest he is actually a reference to Pintel. That's a bit confusing and inaccurate though, as Ragetti was the one with the fake eye.

Irritatingly, the part with the green-haired pirate is not optional like you might think. From my limited tests, I've found that (rather illogically) you can't proceed past the portcullis until you've helped the pirate.

Apologies again on the briefly intrusive notification, but (as I've said) I can't turn such notifications off and they aren't too disruptive to the recording if I quickly close them.


Revisit: After getting the Shop Sign and Door 1 Stickers (both in "Pirate Town", the latter acquired by completing the level) as well as the Angry Skull Sticker (in "Cursed Bay").

Now that I have the Shop Sign, Angry Skull and Door 1 Stickers, I revisit "Port Royal" in the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit for LittleBIGPlanet to pick up the rewards from the respective Sticker Switches. Also, I pick up two Goodies that I accidentally bypassed the first time around to finish the Prize Bubble collection for this level.

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