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I Ace and collect all of the currently accessible single-player Goodies in the "The Dancers' Court" level. In comparison to some of the levels from "The Metropolis" and "The Islands", this level is a breather. Also, I always thought that this level was one of the strangest in an already strange game. Climbing up massive dancers and undulating snakes? Seeing one of those snakes burning yet still living and writhing later on? A six-armed Goddess who you seek out and help for poorly explained reasons? I don't necessarily consider all that bad, but it makes it feel like the game's story was derailed after "The Islands" area.

I'll continue that tangent on the story here. If you don't want to read it, just skip ahead to the next block of text. Up until now, the story levels seemed reasonably connected, even if the connection was weak. The King of "The Gardens" tells you to seek out Zola of "The Savannah". Zola wants you figure out what is going with the buffalo, and then later on a monkey in the same area wants you to help his friend Frida of "The Wedding". Don Lu, Frida's husband, then tells you to join them and meet Uncle Jalapeño of "The Canyons". Don Lu and Frida are kidnapped, but you at least help out Uncle Jalapeño. After Sheriff Zapata, an antagonist to Jalapeño, is taken care of, Uncle Jalapeño wants you to join him in meeting his friend Mags of "The Metropolis". You help out Mags the Mechanic with her antagonist Ze Dude until Ze Dude considers you a worthy foe and gives you a plane ride to train under Grandmaster Sensei of "The Islands". Once at "The Islands", Grandmaster Sensei (who sports a baby voice that I always found contextually creepy) wants you to help her with The Terrible Oni. After The Oni is defeated, she tells you get a flame-throwing cat from the Shopkeeper of "The Temples". And this is where the story stops making sense. You meet the Shopkeeper, and he, or someone who looks like him, tells you to meet The Goddess so she can guide your path. A question that should arise is: Why? The game could have ended with "The Terrible Oni's Volcano" without leaving many loose ends. Sure, there's that creature flying around, stealing things and kidnapping people, but it's really none of your business and doesn't affect you in any way besides the fact that it kidnapped a married couple that you helped out on the whim of some monkey. You eventually find out that that thief is an antagonist known as The Collector of "The Wilderness" and that The Goddess leads you to The Great Magician who leads you to The Collector, but none of that is apparent right now. Other than the fact that you've been helping others at request up to this point, there is literally no reason as to why you should seek out The Goddess. The King speaks of adventure and rewards. The monkey praises your family-reuniting skills. Don Lu wants you to meet more of his family. Uncle Jalapeño wants to bring you along for a vacation. Ze Dude offer skill training under his Sensei. Grandmaster Sensei trains you and has you free her castle and defeat the Oni to test your skills. All of these offer some perception of mutual benefit, no matter how small or how much you have to twist and torture the perception. The Shopkeeper says The Goddess will offer you guidance. Plenty will offer you guidance for free, so what? Does Sackboy/Sackgirl/Sack Thing live just to fulfill fetch quests and to serve others all the time? I'm probably looking WAY too deep into this game's simple story, but I feel you must admit that this realization, if one has it, is very weird and breaks the story.

In case it is not clear, I did not skip the two Goodies in the Shopkeeper area very early in the level. You need to activate the Sticker Switch above to lower the glass blocking access to those Prize Bubbles, and I didn't have the requisite Sticker then though I do acquire it later on in the video.

The part with the multiple blue dancers whose arms can launch you into the air to collect Goodies is a pain. It can be a lot harder than it looks, and it is definitely the portion that I died on most during all of my previous playthroughs of this level.

My efforts on the multiple rotating contraptions with gears and Prize Bubbles containing gears (as well as on the subsequent portion involving a large dancer that launches you into the air) is a bit sloppy, but it's not too bad (and certainly not as bad as my earlier screw up of the skateboard segment of "Skate to Victory"). Just listen to the nice music as the seconds are wasted.

You can easily just run by the entirety of the burning and undulating snake (and get all the Score Bubbles in a nice multiplier) if you want to. I just ducked into the alcoves because I can and because doing so can make it slightly easier to access the lone Prize Bubble in that portion of the level.


Revisit: After getting the Prince Face Sticker (that can be found partway through "The Dancers' Court" level).

Now that I have the Prince Face Sticker, I quickly revisit the "The Dancers' Court" level to pick up the rewards from the respective Sticker Switch. Then, I cover the Cooperative Challenge (and its exclusive Goodies) for this level. It's worth noting that this Cooperative Challenge is something new. Instead of requiring a mere two players like all the times before, this is the first Challenge to require four players (the maximum simultaneous number possible) to work together to fully complete the Challenge.

You'll probably notice that I altered the audio for the actual Cooperative Challenge part of this video. The player wearing the Chicken Costume was dishing out instructions and commentary via a microphone. While it was useful, it distracted from the video somewhat, so I just decided to play one of my favorite bits from the Dancing Drums music used in this level.

Special thanks goes to the random online players featured in this video. The Neon Wireframe male is joker9324, the Chicken Costume male is ttrr455yyuujjkko and the lone female is desiree2229. We completely botched our first attempt at this Challenge and had to restart the level, but we did quite good on our second attempt. Astute viewers will note that I briefly expressed glee in the Cooperative Challenge area when we finally succeeded.

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