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Sensei's Lost Castle Level Badge


I Ace and collect the vast majority of the single-player Goodies in the "Sensei's Lost Castle" level.

Normally, the catapult won't launch you to the heights you need in order to obtain the Japanese Wave Sticker and the Wooden Catapult Object. I recommend holding the jump button (X) just before you are flung off the catapult for obtaining that extra height. With a bit of practice, it should become something easy and natural to pull off.

I managed to score the Dragon Eye Sticker by enhancing my jump via a rotating roller, but you can also just jump to that Sticker from the lower of the two rollers with a Magic Eye on it.

It's entirely possible to use roller-enhanced jumps to get some of Goodies in the second (and more difficult) roller tower, and it's simply up to you whether you want to try that method (and risk failing and falling down the tower) or to just try jumping horizontally to the Goodies from a higher roller.

I unfortunately failed to acquire the Mini Sumo Object in the room with the two Mini Sumos that drop down, but I'll just pick it up in a later video. That Goodie is not that difficult to get, but you can't access it once the two Mini Sumos are destroyed and I didn't feel like recording yet another attempt at this level since this particular recording is pretty good minus a few bits of struggle here and there.

I also happened to defeat the Sumo mini-boss very quickly in this video. The process was largely luck-based, but it was nice to get a recording of such a fast defeat.

Although it is quite plain, I quite enjoy sporting the Ninja Skin Material and Ninja Scarf headwear. That Costume is nice on its own merits, but it also happeNs to remiNd me of aNother Neat NiNja in aNother iNdepeNdeNtly-developed physics platformer with oNe-hit kills, simple eNemies & small items that give poiNts aNd couNt towards oNliNe high scores.


Revisit: No revisit is mandatory, but I separated the Cooperative Challenge area from the collection of single-player Prize Bubbles to make it easier on myself.

I revisit the "Sensei's Lost Castle" level in order to collect the remaining single-player Goodie that I originally missed in my initial outing. Then, I cover the Cooperative Challenge (and its exclusive Goodies) for this level.

Though the Cooperative Challenge is actually quite easy, it's annoying to get to. Unless you manage to avoid the Checkpoint below the Cooperative Challenge area in the event of failure, you only have one chance per playthrough to get a player up to the Cooperative Challenge area. Once up there, the player can bring up anyone down below by using a Button that controls a Winch, but you generally only get a single chance and you MUST have at least two players alive throughout the hanging roller sequence. (Otherwise, the remaining player has to drop down to activate the Checkpoint and therefore they can not get back up to the Cooperative Challenge area because there is no one to extend the Winch.)

Unfortunately, I wasn't properly able to communicate my desire to move the grabbable cylinder with the Magnetic Key. It's far easier to move it out of the area with one player standing on top of the wooden block and grabbing whilst another player pushes the cylinder towards the block. Fortunately, I was able to move the cylinder out of the area by my solitary efforts and a dash of luck so that the last Goodie for this level could be acquired.

I extended the level end footage longer than I usually do for specific reasons. In the first instance, I unwittingly managed to get the interesting score of 6666. In the second, the random online player quickly changed his costume to match my own, though his red coloration served as a nice contrast and complement.

Special thanks goes to the random online player featured in this video. He goes by the PSN ID of wikedshooterjr03.

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